Australian Salmon Tackle

Reprobaits Tackle, an Australian fishing tackle store, offers a variety of Australian Salmon lures that are popular among anglers. One of their top-selling lures is the Bottom Bug, a soft plastic lure that comes in a variety of colours and sizes to match different baitfish. The Clappin Craw is another popular option, a soft plastic lure that is designed to mimic the movement of prawn and yabbies. Reprobaits Tackle also offers hard-bodied lures such as the ReproBaits Vibe and the Can Do Crab, which are effective for casting for Australian Salmon. Additionally, we have a range of jigs, including the popular Charter Jig and the Livies Jig which can be effective for Salmon holding close to the bottom. There’s also a variety of terminal tackle for bait fishers that are land based like hooks and casting gear. Don’t forget about tying long distance paternoster rigs with our splash down clips.