Pennel Pulley Rig Is Perfect for Surf and Rock Fishing

Pennel pulley rig is a cracking surf and rock fishing rig for mulloway flathead and many other large bait targets.

Pennel Pulley Rig Is Perfect for Surf and Rock Fishing

How to Tie a Pennel Pulley Rig for Surf Fishing

Surf and rock fishing is an enjoyable and challenging sport that requires patience, skill, and a lot of practice. One of the most important aspects of successful surf and rock fishing is having the right equipment and tying the right rigs. In this article, we will explain how to tie a pennel pulley rig, a popular rig that is used by many surf and rock fishermen. The pennel pulley rig has two hooks for large baits and helps keep the sinker from snagging when fighting big fish. This rig is considered by many surf fishermen to be one of the most effective and versatile rigs for surf fishing.

What is a Pennel Pulley Rig?

A pennel pulley rig is a two-hook rig that is commonly used for surf and rock fishing. The name “pennel” comes from the two hooks that are attached to the end of the snood or leader. The pulley system refers to the way that the line is run through a small swivel ring that is attached to the hooks allowing the rig to run smoothly through the water and more inline when retrieving. This prevents the weight from dragging along bottom as it hangs lower in the water.

Pennel pulley rig is a cracking surf and rock fishing rig for mulloway flathead and many other large bait targets.

What are the Benefits of a Pennel Pulley Rig?

There are several benefits to using a pennel pulley rig when surf fishing. One of the biggest advantages of this rig is its versatility. It can be used to target a variety of fish species, including flathead, tailor, whiting, and even larger species like mulloway. Another benefit is its effectiveness. The two hooks on this rig allow for an increased chance of hooking a fish and the pulley system helps to reduce the chances of tangling. This is especially useful when rock fishing or surf fishing near rocky areas.

The pennel pulley rig only needs one bit of extra kit to work, the clip down. The clipdown is just a simple little wire connector that you hang the lower hook point on. The weight of the sinker keeps the balance until it hits the water and the hook tip is released from the clip down.

What Materials Do You Need to Tie a Pennel Pulley Rig?

Before you start tying your pennel pulley rig, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Two hooks
  • Fishing line
  • Beads
  • Swivels
  • Splashown Bait Clip
  • Crimp or Tight Snell Knot
  • Sinker

How to Tie a Pennel Pulley Rig: Step by Step

Here is a step by step guide on how to tie a pennel pulley rig:

  1. Attach two hooks to each other using your favourite fishing line. 20 to 50lb line is commonly used. Make sure that the hooks are facing the same direction. The Snell knot is a good knot for tying double hooks on rigs. The upper hook can also be simply threaded and held in place with a piece of silicon tubing above the hook to keep it in place. This makes it easily adjustable. Tie this to a swivel.
  2. Tie a 60cm to 80cm piece of leader to the swivel with the hooks. This is usually heavier line than the leader with the hooks by 10 or 20 lb. Put on a bead and run the loose end of the leader through the “pulley” swivel or sinker slide. This part is used to run the fishing line through and create the pulley system. Add another bead to the loose end of the leader. The beads help protect the knot from damage and reduces the chance that you will break off because of a damaged knot.
  3. Add on a crimp to stop the bait shield clip from slipping. A snell knot will work as well. Often this is not needed but is done for extra measures. Thread on the hold down bait shield. This is what the hooks are clipped to for casting.
  4. A sinker loop can be made after the bait shield hold with a simple overhand knot with the line doubled over. The loop is threaded through the sinker eye and then the sinker is passed back through the loop. This is a very simple way to attach the sinker.
  5. You have now completed your pennel pulley rig.

Tips for Using a Pennel Pulley Rig for Surf Fishing

Here are a few tips for using your pennel pulley rig when surf fishing:

  • Experiment with different bait combinations to find out what works best for the species of fish that you are targeting.
  • Make sure to use the right size hooks for the type of fish that you are targeting.
  • Use a heavy enough sinker to keep the rig close to the bottom of the surf but not so heavy that it prevents the rig from moving naturally in the water.
  • Pay attention to the tide and current when fishing with a pennel pulley rig. These conditions can greatly affect the way that your rig behaves in the water.


In conclusion, a pennel pulley rig is a versatile and effective rig that can be used for a variety of fish species in surf fishing. It can help you cast further as it streamlines the baited rig. It can keep your bait from being flung off while casting as it secures everything into one straight path. The pennel rig also helps keep you from getting snagged by the sinker as it raises up as you retrieve the rig.