Backpack Bucket Carrier for Carrying a Bucket Rockfishing


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Backpack Bucket Carrier for Carrying a Bucket Rockfishing (or a Water Cooler)

Padded shoulder strap backpack for carrying a plastic bucket. Bucket not included! Side pouch for carrying extra tackle, bait, or the ever important rock cleats. Get your Bucket Backpack today!

Get a Bucket Backpack Carrier Today! Free Up Your Hands on the Rocks!

Have you ever thought about the struggle of carrying a bucket while you’re out rock fishing? It’s awkward and exhausting, isn’t it? This is where a backpack bucket carrier comes in handy. It’s a versatile tool that can a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Necessity of a Backpack Bucket Carrier for Rockfishing

Understanding Rockfishing

Rockfishing, an adventurous yet demanding activity, involves fishing from rocky outcrops at the edge of the sea. It’s exciting, but what if you have to carry your gear and a heavy bucket around? It becomes tiring, doesn’t it? It’s much easier to negotiate the rocks when you’re hands are free. Burley away when you get there. Carry all the tackle you can fit in a bucket right on your back.

Why You Need a Carrier

You need a backpack bucket carrier. It simplifies carrying hefty buckets or water coolers while you focus on enjoying your activity. Rock fishing especially can include scurrying along rocky ledges and climbing up and down a chain or rope ladder in some spots. More free hands are a big bonus! Throw in a few loaves of bread, your tackle, and use the bucket to burley up your spot! Easy peasy!

Features of an Ideal Backpack Bucket Carrier

Durability and Strength

The best backpack bucket carriers are built to last. They should have the strength to carry loads without tearing or giving the wearer great discomfort. Obviously it isn’t going to magically make carrying a 21 litre or 5 gallon bucket an easy task but it makes it so much easier to carry your tackle bucker on your back then in you hand and climb and scurry along the rocks to your favourite fishing spot.

Size and Capacity

Size matters when it comes to these carriers. They should be roomy enough to accommodate your bucket or water cooler. This bucket backpack carrier will carry up to a 19 to 26 litre plastic bucket like you would get at the hardware store or the deli. Straps are velcro and adjustable for smaller buckets too.


Good carriers are designed for comfort, with padded straps and balanced weight distribution. you can adjust the straps to make carrying the bucket more comfortable.

Benefits of Using a Backpack Bucket Carrier for Rockfishing or Carrying a Water Cooler


With a backpack carrier you have the freedom to move around without being burdened by a heavy load. Your hands are freed up to catch your balance. Speaking of balance you aren’t offset by hanging a bucket in one hand having to swap back and forth between hands when your hands start to cramp and get tired.


Carriers make it easy to bring your essentials without the hassle of holding a thin metal handle. When you get to your spot slip off the Bucket Backpack and get at it. Start mixing your burley into the bucket, get fishing. It’s as easy as that when you take a bucket fishing. Be a part of the White Bucket Brigade and pack rubbish in the bucket on your way home even if it isn’t your rubbish.


With a carrier, you have both hands free, reducing the risk of slips or falls. Nobody likes falling and we all know the dangers of having your hands full walking along your favourite Drummer and Luderick spots full of greenweed and lettuce weed. Slipping on cunji and algae is no fun. Free up your hands.

Grab a Bucket Back Pack and Start Fishing  Easier Today!

Investing in a backpack bucket carrier for your rock fishing adventures or outdoor trips can make a significant difference. It’s all about convenience, mobility, and safety, making your trips more enjoyable and less tiring. Grab one today. Ships out from Balgowlah, New South Wales.


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