Bullet Prawn: The Ultimate Prawn Imitation Soft Plastic Lure




Bullet Prawn: The Ultimate Prawn Imitation Soft Plastic Lure

Unleash the power of precision and performance with the Bullet Prawn, designed specifically for the discerning Australian angler targeting bream and flathead. Measuring a versatile 61mm, the Bullet Prawn is the perfect finesse bait to enhance your winter fishing arsenal.

Crafted for ultimate realism, this prawn imitation lure mimics the natural appearance and movement of a prawn, retreating tail-first when retrieved. Its unique design allows for seamless integration with a jig head or a running ball sinker and hook rig, providing a natural, enticing fall and retrieval action that predatory fish find irresistible.

Key Features:

  • Tail-First Retreat: Emulates the defensive posture of a real prawn, sparking aggressive strikes.
  • Versatile Rigging Options: Compatible with jig heads or traditional running ball sinker setups.
  • Targeted Species: Specially effective for bream and flathead, among other species.
  • Ideal Size: At 61mm, it’s the perfect size for finesse techniques and subtle presentations.
  • Winter Fishing Ready: The go-to choice for cold water conditions where subtlety is key.

Whether bouncing along the bottom or dead-sticking in current, the Bullet Prawn delivers unmatched realism and action. Turn every fishing outing into a productive session with the Bullet Prawn, your new secret weapon for inshore angling success.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    ReproBaits Tackle

    Cracking prawn for bream on light gear.

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