Clappin Craw 3.5 Inch Prawn Scent Soft Bait Flathead Stacker Lure 6 Pack


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Clappin Craw soft bait catches Bream, Flathead, Bass, and Cod.

These are hefty soft plastic Flathead lures. The thick claws make nice movements and vibrations when working along the bottom. Flathead love the lure and its action. Bass and Cod will also take this lure worked along structure. It’s a versatile soft bait everyone who wants to catch fish should have in their tackle box.

How To Rig the Clappin Craws

  • Jig Heads -Triangle Head Jigs work well for us
  • 3/0 Worm Hook and Ball or Bullet Sinker (Texas or Carolina Style)
  • Running Ball Sinker with a trace

Rig this on a worm hook with a ball or bullet sinker, a jighead, or weightless in shallow flats.

I prefer using a 14 or 21-gram Triangle Jig Head with a 3/0 hook. Cast it out and let it sink to the bottom. Work it in short irregular twitches. Pull the rod tip up and let it fall back. Be ready to set the hook at any moment.

Watch Luke at Hunter’s Fishing Adventures using the Clappin Craw!

You can take a look at Luke Hunter using the Clappin Craw on his YouTube channel, Hunter’s Fishing Adventures.

Clappin Craw soft baits work on Flathead, Bream, Basss, Cod, and others!

Four colours for various conditions. 3.5 inches. Shrimp Scent for extra attraction.

6 per pack

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Fairy Floss Pink, Motor Oil, Sage Green, Olive Green


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