Jig Heads Triangle Style 14g and 21g With 3/0 Hooks Perfect for Bream Flathead Cod Bass and More!


SKU: 21-Gram_Jigheads-3-Pack



  • Excellent Hook Design
  • Greater holding strength than traditional jig hook bends
  • Long shanked heavy wire hooks
  • 3/0 hook size

Fishing jig heads and soft plastics are the perfect fishing lure for many Australian fish species. Fishing jigheads on light line with a soft plastic lure has brought many fish to an angler’s hand. There are several retrieves that prove to be successful. The rip and stop, bottom bashing, and even dead-drift technique in the current.

21 gram 75mm total length (3 jigheads)

14gram 58mm total length (4 jigheads)

Black Nickel High Carbon Steel for 2X strength.

Shaped strategically for increased resistance to hook bend opening. The shape of the hook keeps the shank close to the fish to reduce leverage. This helps keep the bend of the hook shorter resulting in a stronger hook. It reduces the risk of the hook straightening out at the hook point.

These are great jigs for Snapper or Barra, especially in the 21 gram size. The 14 gram is excellent for Flathead, Bream and Bass. Perch and many other fish throughout Australia will fall victim to a fisho using these.

Anglers will find these jig heads perfect for screw tail grubs or other soft baits. Tie the jighead to your fishing line and thread your soft plastic on. Jigheads are a staple in fishing tackle. They can even be used with live bait for bottom bashing.

This is one of the best fishing accessories an angler can have in their tackle box. There are so many ways to use jig heads and so many soft plastics to put on them It’s a versatile method of angling whether you fish for Bass or Bream. They work just as well at the dam as they do at the beach. Grab a pack for your next fishing session along with a couple of soft plastics and be prepared.

Additional information

Weight65 kg

21 Gram 3/0 Jigheads 3 Pack, 14 Gram 3/0 Jigheads 4 Pack


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