LongTail Soft Plastics 12cm Flathead Bream Snapper and Bass Lures


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Transform your fishing experiences with the Ultimate Long Tail Fishing Worms! Each pack comes with five soft plastic worms designed to mimic real life underwater movements that attract the most elusive of fish including Flathead, Bass, Snapper, and Cod.

Experience the thrill of the catch with our unique multi-colour set! Each worm in the five-pack boasts a distinctive colour offering a versatile palette to match diverse underwater environments. Whether you’re fishing in clear or cloudy waters, dawn or dusk, our vibrant mix has you covered.

Made from premium soft plastic, these worms are engineered to deliver realistic and irresistible actions underwater. Their long-tail design ensures a fluttering movement mimicking vulnerable prey to trigger aggressive strikes from predatory fish.

These worms are durable and have an excellent sink rate reaching deeper water levels where fish live. The soft texture persuades the fish to hold onto the bait longer giving you a better chance to set the hook.

Simple for beginners, yet sophisticated for experienced anglers, the Ultimate Long Tail Fishing Worms delivers superior performance offering an unrivalled blend of realism, durability, and versatility.

Whether you’re heading out for a leisurely day of fishing or are serious about catching our long tail worms will help tip the scales in your favour.

Experience the difference today with the Ultimate Long Tail Fishing Worms. Elevate your angling adventure and start reeling in the big ones!

Product Features:

  • Pack of 5 Soft Plastic Long Tail Worms
  • Multi-colour set for versatility in various environments
  • Realistic enticing underwater movement
  • Premium durable soft plastic material
  • Optimal sink rate for reaching deeper waters
  • Suitable for both amateur and experienced anglers
  • Effective for Flathead, Bass, Snapper, and Cod fishing

Go ahead, add the Ultimate Long Tail Fishing Worms to your tackle box and make every fishing trip memorable!


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