Luderick Ocean Bait Hooks #4 and #6


SKU: Size 6 Ocean Rock Luderick Hooks 7pcs


The perfect Luderick Weed Bait hook for ocean rock fishing. Cabbage and bread are great baits for Luderick using these hooks. Increase your hook up rate with quality hooks made for Luderick. Ocean Luderick are shy biting sometimes and our bent kirbed hook gap increases hookups even when they mouth and spit the bait.

This Ocean Luderick Hook is a light strong high carbon steel hook perfect for hiding in your green weed or cabbage.

Perfect for Blackfish / Luderick, Mullet, Garfish, Trout, and other small mouthed finicky species. Ideal for weed, cabbage, and bread baits.

  • Kirbed For Maximum Hook Set
  • Chemically Sharpened Point for Positive Hook Ups
  • Strong Barb so it Stays Put
  • Carbon Steel For Strength
  • Corrosion Coated

Made from 80D Geman high carbon steel. Hook wire is first cut to length. The tips are mechanically sharpened then go through a chemical sharpening process.

After the wire has been cut to length and sharpened the high carbon steel wire is machine formed to shape. Once shaped the hook goes through heat treatment and quenching for strength tempering. Finally, the hook is electroplated to preserve wearability.

These hooks are perfect for catching mullet too. Use small bits of shelled prawn on the hook and bread as berley. Fished under a float or on bottom these are ideal for mullet and garfish.

Use berley of bread and green, cabbage, or black weed and fish the rock walls and rocky headlands. Collect bits of weed growing on the rocks or other structure. 

If you want a great fly tying hook for Luderick weed flies check out our other Luderick hooks without a bend.

7 Extremely Sharp Hooks Per Pack

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