All-In-One Luderick Fishing Kit: Stem Floats, Float Stoppers, Float Slide Snaps, and Ocean & Estuary Hooks


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Experience a new realm of Luderick fishing with our comprehensive float fishing kit. Specially designed to enhance your angling skills and optimize your catch, this kit is packed with everything you need for a successful Luderick fishing adventure. Floats are an exciting way to catch Luderick, Leatherjackets, Garfish, Mullet, and many more species. Floats also are a great way to fish structure for Trout and Redfin Perch.

Stem Floats: This kit includes a variety of high-quality stem floats, each size chosen for stability and sensitivity. Whether you’re fishing in calm or turbulent waters our stem floats ensure minimal disturbance and an excellent response to even the most subtle Luderick bites. From slender floats for still conditions to bigger buoyant ones for choppy waters, we’ve got you covered. The top of each stem can hold a lumo stick for night fishing as well.

A unique feature of our stem floats is their single-attachment design complete with a swivel at the base. This design greatly reduces the chances of snags on seaweed and debris compared to traditional double eye floats. Experience smoother, more efficient fishing with our advanced floats. These floats are more aerodynamic and cast further and more accurately.

Float Stoppers: Adjusting your float depth has never been easier thanks to our included float stoppers. These easy-to-use accessories ensure your bait stays in the Luderick’s preferred feeding zone increasing your chances of a successful catch. Our float stoppers are durable and resistant to line wear providing you with a reliable solution for depth control.

Float Slide Snaps: Our kit wouldn’t be complete without float slide snaps. These practical devices allow you to quickly change your float based on changing conditions without having to re-rig your line saving you valuable fishing time. Store your float easily by simply unsnapping it after a session. Putting a float on is just as simple.

Ocean and Estuary Hooks: Our float fishing kit wouldn’t be complete without a selection of hooks suitable for both ocean and estuary fishing. We’ve included sizes 6, 8, 10, and 12 hooks to ensure you’re fully equipped for any Luderick fishing situation. These premium hooks offer superior strength and sharpness, significantly improving your hookup rates.

Our float fishing kit is not just about providing you with quality gear; it’s about transforming your Luderick fishing experience. With this kit you’re not just buying equipment; you’re investing in the opportunity to elevate your angling game. Whether you’re a seasoned Luderick angler or a beginner our float fishing kit is your ticket to a rewarding and successful Luderick fishing journey.

What’s Included in the Kit!

  • 1x 10 Gram 42.5 CM Tall Stem Float
  • 1x 15.5 Gram 47.5cm Tall Stem Float
  • 1x 22.5 Gram 49cm Tall Stem Float
  • 30x Float Stoppers (5 fobs of 6)
  • 5 Flat Slide Snaps
  • 4 Packs of Hooks size 6, 8, 10, and 12 for All Conditions


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10 Gram 42.5 cm


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