25 Pack Sliding Sinker Clips: Get More Hook Ups With a Natural Bait Presentation


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Say ta-ta to missed bites and ordinary fishing trips with the ReproBaits Tackle Medium Sinker Slides. These beaut sliding sinker clips for slip sinker rigs let the fish take the bait a bit easier giving you more chances for a good hook set. These sinker clips are just what you need in your tackle box.

Perfect Weight for All Conditions Adjust Your Sinker Weight for Any Situation, Easy As!

With these sliding sinker clips you can swap your sinker weight to suit the conditions, no worries. The sinker can freely move up and down the line so your bait looks natural and tempting more fish. Whether you’re in the shallows or the deep, calm or choppy, you’re sorted with these sliding weight clips.

Suitable for Different Lines and Sinkers Flexible for All Your Fishing Needs

The ReproBaits Tackle Sinker Slides can handle lines up to 100 lb and work with braid or monofilament lines making them handy for all fishing situations. They go with various sinkers and can be swapped out in a jiffy. Whether you’re using spoon, snapper, grapple, star sinkers or other styles this rig is your one-stop solution.

Ideal for Bottom or Shallow Water Fish Species Spot on for Kingfish and Mulloway Fishing

The Kingfish and Mulloway crowd will love these. Kingfish tend to swallow their baitfish headfirst, and the sliding sinker rig allows this before setting the hook. With the free sliding line Kingfish can turn the bait without any odd resistance, leading to more catches. It’s the same for Mulloway. Because they don’t feel the weight they’re more likely to fully take the bait.

Easy to Use and Carry No Fuss Setup and Transport

These sinker clips are a piece of cake to use. Thread a sliding sinker clip to your line, attach a swivel, put on your sinker, tie on a hook or leader, and you’re ready to fish. You can prepare your rig at home and clip on a leader with a hook along with a weight. No more worries about the weight chipping your rod during transport. With a lighter leader, you also can reduce break-offs that can leave a sinker stuck in a fish’s mouth.

Sturdy and Tangle-Free Made to Last and Resist Tangles

Built from top-notch materials the ReproBaits Tackle Sinker Slides are made to resist the wear and tear of saltwater fishing. They won’t get in the way of your bait’s movement, helping it look more natural. The longer line guide means fewer tangles. This robust clip can handle heavy sinkers and is ideal for longer casting while fishing.

Revamp Your Fishing Gear and Net More Fish

Successful surf and rock fishing comes down to the right gear. With top-quality sliding sinker clips like the ReproBaits Tackle Sinker Slides, you’re bound to reel in more and bigger fish.

Each pack contains 25 Sliding Sinker Clips. Now that’s bonza!

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