Squideez Salted Soft Plastics 60mm Squid Bait Bream Flathead Whiting Lures 10 Pack




Try Squideez soft plastic lures for a mixed bag catch! Our lure designs are chosen for Australian fish species, including bream, whiting, dart, flathead, bass, grunter, and other brackish water fish commonly targeted by recreational anglers.

The soft plastic material mimics the look and feel of natural bait attracting fish with its realistic movement and texture. The lifelike design is enhanced by a range of colours and patterns, making the Squideez lure irresistible to fish in any water condition.

Our fishing lures are also incredibly durable able to withstand multiple casts and catches without losing their effectiveness. The soft plastic material is resistant to wear and tear making Squideez lures a cost-effective and long-lasting addition to your fishing tackle.

The small compact size of Squideez lures makes them an easy target for curious and hungry fish. Toss a few Squideez lures in your tackle box and you’ll be ready to catch fish in just about any location from freshwater rivers to saltwater estuaries.

Squideez soft plastic lures are the ultimate solution for recreational anglers looking to catch bream, whiting, flathead, bass, grunter, and other brackish water fish in Australia. Order now and experience the unmatched effectiveness and durability of Squideez fishing lures!

Can’t beat soft plastics when it comes to versatility. Squideez soft plastics have great action. Squideez 6 cm is a great all-around size for busting bream, flathead, or whiting. Many others will hit the Squideez, like Dart. Perfect for finesse fishing piers, moorings, and docks. The squid like compact action can entice fish to bite when they may not be interested in smashing larger lures.

Fish Squideez on a jighead, rig running ball sinker, or even a paternoster in the surf.

10 Pack of soft plastic squid baits.

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Brown Flake, Lime, White, Red Flake, Shart Ooz


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