Zephyr 30g Metal Jig with Twin Stinger Hooks




Elevate your shore jigging and bottom bashing fishing game with our well designed 30 gram metal jigs perfect for shore jigging, rock fishing, and bottom bashing across our Australian coasts. Our jigs are made to attract species such as Cobia, Pink Snapper, Bream, Kingfish, Trevally, and more offering you the best chance to land a big catch.

Key Features:

  • Weight and Versatility: Each jig weighs 30 grams ideal for achieving the perfect cast and depth in diverse marine environments.
  • Dual Stinger Hooks: Comes equipped with two ultra-sharp stinger hooks rigged at the top to mimic a baitfish’s head for increased hook-up rates.
  • Colour Options:
    • Halloween (Black and Orange with a Silver Back): Perfect for murky water conditions where high contrast is key.
    • Luminous Green: Glows in the depths enhancing visibility and attractiveness in low light conditions.
    • Deep Blue with Silver Back: Work it in deeper and clearer waters making it irresistible to cautious predators.

Why Top-Rigged Hooks? Rigging the hooks at the top of the jig simulates a baitfish’s natural behaviour. Predatory fish, including Cobia and Pink Snapper, often attack the head first. This strategic placement ensures that the initial strike results in effective hooking, dramatically increasing your success rate during each fishing expedition. it also reduces the risk of hanging up on the rocks or reef on the bottom.

Target Species: Our metal jigs are the go-to choice for targeting:

  • Pink Snapper
  • Bream
  • Kingfish
  • Trevally
  • Bonito
  • Mackerel

Best Practices for Jigging: Achieve the best results by employing varied retrieval techniques such as short jerks or steady retrieves depending on the behaviour of the target species. The versatility of our jigs means they are suitable for both novice anglers and seasoned professionals looking to refine their shore and rock fishing techniques.

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Halloween, Luminous Green, Deep Blue, Bundle


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