ReproBaits is Up and Ready!

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ReproBaits is Up and Ready!

ReproBaits Tackle is up and running after some site tweaking and some rebranding. LandCaster Tackle is now ReproBaits Tackle. LandCaster was a poor choice for a name as far as Search Engines were concerned.


We decided to make a few improvements and a NEW REBRAND!

Both Landcaster Tackle and ReproBaits Tackle is up and running. You can choose whichever one you want to use for the time being but LandCaster Tackle will be phased out over a short period of time.

We would like to thank everyone that made LandCaster Tackle such a great success but it’s time to press forward with the rebrand and rank higher in the search engines without the uphill battle of the confusion between LandCaster Tackle and Lancaster, England.

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