Best Flathead Lures for 2023

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Best Flathead Lures for 2023

Flathead fishing has been a favorite pastime of many anglers for many years. Catching big Flathead requires a lot of patience, skill, and the right gear. In this article we will discuss the best flathead lures for 2023 to help you catch more Flathead and have a successful fishing trip.

Understanding Flathead Behaviour

Before we dive into the best Flathead lures it’s important to understand the behaviour of Flathead. Flathead are ambush predators and feed on a variety of baitfish and crustaceans. They are most active during the evening and early morning and tend to hide in weed beds and rocky structures during the day. Flathead are also known to be slow-moving fish which is why using slow-sinking soft plastic lures for Flathead is key to catching them.

Best Flathead Soft Plastics

When it comes to fishing lures for Flathead there are several options that are effective for catching the metrey models. The following are our top picks for the best flathead lures for 2023. It isn’t because we sell the best Flathead lures out here. It’s because we sell quality Flathead lures that produce the goods.

  1. Bottom Bugs – These soft plastics mimic the action of a fleeing yabbies, shrimp, and other small prey. They are an irresistible soft plastic lure for Flathead. They come in a variety of colors making it easy to match the hatch. The size is perfect for for catching flathead.
  2. Long Tail Worms – These soft plastics are designed to look and act like baitfish, and they are perfect for flathead fishing. They are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to match the baitfish in your local waters. This soft plastics flathead lure is perfect for aggressively feeding metre approaching flathead.
  3. Clappin Craw – These soft plastics mimic the action of a several crustaceans flathead prey upon. Clappin Crays are designed for maximum action with flutter which is sure to attract flathead. They are available in a variety of colours, making it easy to match the conditions in your local waters.
  4. Sea Bugs – This lure is perfect for flathead fishing when the fishing is slow. A small size soft plastics can trigger bites when large baits simply won’t produce the goods. Cooler water can he hard to fish but the Sea Bugs small size can bring in strikes when nothing else is working. There are several colours for matching conditions making it a versatile option for anglers.
  5. ReproBaits Vibe – The vibe lures are the perfect Flathead lure whether you are fishing the beach, sand flats, or the estuary. ReproBaits Vibe lures come in a variety of colours to suit any conditions. ReproBaits Vibes vibrate at any speed and are easy to cast. ReproBaits Vibes are one of the best lures for Bream and Flathead. Rip and sink retrieve drives them out of the Flatty hole and onto your Flathead lure. It’s one of the blade lures Flathead love.
  6. Can Do Crabs and Crab Claws are other great lures for Flathead fishing. Bream will also be a welcome bycatch that will take the crab imitation models of soft plastic lures for Flathead. These lures are ready to fish and you don’t have to worry about rigging soft plastics for Flathead with these lures.

Best Flathead Lures


Flathead fishing can be a challenging and rewarding experience and having the right flathead lure is essential. Whether you prefer soft plastics or lures for flathead the options listed above are sure to help you catch more flathead in 2023. Remember to always follow local fishing regulations and to practice responsible fishing techniques to help ensure the sustainability of our aquatic resources.