11 Piece Long Distance Casting Kit For Longer Rock and Surf Casting Distance


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  • Cast Further
  • Lose Less Bait
  • Cast More Accurately

Want to cast the furthest you can possibly cast? This kit will help you do it. It comes with the casting trigger and the distance bits to send it out there.

The 11 pieces of this kit will help you cast further! It will help you lose less bait casting, add to your accuracy, and reduce tangles from leaders.

11 Piece Long Distance Casting Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Casting Trigger Cannon For Long Distance Surf Casting
  • 5 x Impact Release Splash Down Bait Clips (grey)
  • 5 x Bait Impact Shields Adjustable (Red)

Here is the distance casting kit. Comes with a Casting Trigger, 5x grey Splash Bait Clips, 5x Bait Shield Hold Down Clips adjustable.

Holds Bait In Line With Sinker to STOP WINDMILLING So Your Cast Goes Further!

Casting aids help hold bait securely inline with the sinker. Not only does this make your tackle simply more aerodynamic it keeps it from flailing in the air. Baits that windmill lose a tremendous amount of distance.

Cast farther, cast easier, cast more accurately, and save more bait from being smashed off the hook on impact. 

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