Sea Bug 65mm Scented Versatile and Highly Effective Soft Plastic Lures


SKU: 10-Pack-Cray-Cray-Pink


Step up your fishing game with the Sea Bug 65mm soft plastic lures. Packed with action, these stretchy soft plastics are sure to take your fishing adventure to new heights. Perfect for fishing sand flats, weed beds, drifting the current, or casting along piers and other structures.

Smaller in size but big on performance, these soft plastics deliver when larger lures fall short. Match the lure colour to your fishing conditions for optimum results. Use light lures for bright sunny days and clear conditions, and go for dark lures on overcast days and during dawn or dusk. The golden lures are a great choice for rips and gutters.

Key Features:

• Soft plastic material, designed to imitate prey like crayfish, shrimp, squid, and lobster
• High motion design to attract a variety of fish species
• Scented to enhance attractiveness
• Can be rigged on a jig head of your choice up to about 15g, or fished Carolina style with a running ball sinker
• Perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, effective for species like bream, flathead, bass, perch, and many more

With a highly versatile rigging option the Sea Bug can be used on a paternoster rig in the surf, or with a bullet sinker among the weed patches in the flats. Its pumping and sitting retrieval method lets the lure do its magic attracting fish, particularly during the drop.

Each pack contains 10 amazing soft baits ready to transform your fishing experience. Elevate your fishing adventures with the Sea Bug 65mm soft plastic lures!

Additional information

Weight10 kg

Pink, Light Green, Dark Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Gold, Silver, White


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